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Sticker tutorial

 First TUT!  
1.  You need to have decal in png, tga format.
2. In zmodeler create new material and select your texture after that press ok. 
 3. Create part copy on which you want to get sticker
 4. Selecting polygons
Select only those polygons, on which you want to have sticker.

5. Select part material.
Right click on part then press properties
and watch pic :) Select meterial.

In this mapping video you will see almost everything that I showed to you.
(Video not my)

7. Move your sticker where you want.

Sorry for bad english. :)

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Onevia HellaFlush :)

Some updates :) Remember I m new on modding.

Thanks to:
-  PaddMadd for some parts
-  Tom2 for the S13

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